Mom is slammed after revealing she won’t ‘wipe or wash’ her newborn for a MONTH

28 years old Shahnta Hoare, mom of four boys is creating a splash on social media after showing that she’s denying to give her new-born son a bath even though his body is being covered in a cheese-like film ever since her son was born.

Shahnta said that her husband and she decided to not wash their son due to the health advantages. She said that it benefits infants adjust their body heat with skin to skin and it gives a defending fence as well an antimicrobial too.

On Monday, she first went public on TikTok with her innovative tactic to infant grooming. Shahnta confessed that they really don’t give baths for the first month while holding her new-born in her trending testimonial that’s gotten more than 9 million views.

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She sent TikTok into a panic after she publicized that she will not wash her infant for weeks after his delivery. Shahnta’s debatable admission comes as a viral video reply to a distinct clip, presenting baby Ozzy’s latest home birth delivery.

In the post, Ozzy’s body is seen covered in a peeling, cream-colored film called vernix caseosa, a naturally happening biofilm that cover the skin of the foetus in the course of the last trimester of pregnancy and Shahnta said the coating is vital to her baby’s well-being.

She explains that Vernix is really worthy to keep on their skin and said that it is super, nourishing. She said that her son had it on his ears, fingers, toes and it is the finest.

She claimed the vernix caseosa has various health benefits for her infant’s skin and science may be on her side at least to some extent.

The World Health Organization released a report in 2017 on delaying baths right after birth and said that washing should be delayed to after 24 hours of birth and this is not likely due to traditional reasons, it should be deferred for at least six hours.

Similarly, a 2017 study by the International Childbirth Education Association resolute that the vernix caseosa acts as a defensive biofilm that benefits the infant’s changing skin in keeping hydrated which averts cracking and peeling.

But, waiting for a first complete month may be pushing cleanliness to its limit.

Most specialists propose that one can delay up to a week for the first wash and it will wipe away that protective covering. Dr. John Whyte, chief medical officer of WebMD, said that delaying for a month is possibly too long.

Possible health benefits nevertheless, critical digital naysayers disgraced the mother for her prolonged, non-traditional practices.

Although Shahnta acknowledges that the hatred to washing her baby might be uncivilized to some but she cautions haters that they’ll be singing a different tune once they turn out to be parents.

In a continuation clip, she clarified her standpoint even more maintaining that infants actually aren’t unclean and their skin is indeed delicate it can get dehydrated really easy.

Shahnta softly cautioned her opponents saying if they want to wipe off their kids, give them a bath before they even touch them.

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