15 Outdoor Entertaining Activities For Kids That Are Both Educational And Fun

Do you have bored kids needing things to do to spend the summer? Get their hands away from those smartphones, and get them playing outside with these 15 outdoor games that are sure to get them begging you to take them outside.

Of course, almost all 15 games are meant to be played in a group, so if you want to get your kids into these, you will want to get the other kids (and their parents/guardians) in the neighborhood in on the act. If you know your neighbors well, you could even coordinate so that you could each setup for these activities to be available to your children anytime they would like, and to make sure there’s someone keeping tabs on them, of course. Finally, these are great activities to keep idle minds occupied during family outings, and great way to get your children bonding with their cousins and other relatives.

Without further ado, here are the best outdoor games you can play with your children:

1.Side walk Chalk
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This activity is the most creative of all, it brings your child’s imagination and dreams closer to you and helps the parent understand their kid’s creativity.

And you can also try this with Magic sidewalk squirt paint…Check this out

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2.Sponge Bullseye
Here comes the bullseye game, the best part of the game is that you just need an old sponge to play which is available in every almost every household and a chalk to draw the targets.

3.Sand Box
When it’s sunny people usually goes to the beach to relax and your children play in the sand but if you’re bored on a summer day and want to have a similar experience with your kid by using an old raised gardening box…Just fill it with sand and your children might start missing the beach already in his makeshift mini-beach playing area.

Cycling in your backyard can really be fun if you make it interesting. You just spend a little time with your kid drawing the track and then the kids will simply take it from there. They make their own rules and can enjoy their cycling like never before. This will help them to learn how to focus on things and make them sharper in this fast moving world.

5.Climbing Wall
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This could really work well for kids who like to climb on things and even for parents as both can be a part of this activity. These type of activities will help infuse a deeper bond with sibling and family as they try to help each other while climbing the wall. It will also strengthen your kids and make them more active.

6.Outdoor Music station
I don’t know how much you guys love music but I am sure any kid will enjoy this and really play out itself while doing this activity. A very stress relieving activity which will rejuvenate the kid after their long and stressful schooling hours, although it could also lead to some annoying noises if you’re not a patient parent.

These kids are taking after their moms and dads by learning how to fish in a kiddie pool. This will also help your child to learn different types of fishes of different colors, shapes and sizes.

8.Ball in the hole
We all have used paint buckets and playing balls at home…why not combine those two into a cool fun activity? Parents can also join the kids, such games help families to have a better bond and understanding with each other.

9.Outdoor hanging bed
Making this bed could be an activity for the parent which can be created from the wood waste kept in your garages…it will not only improve your skills and creativity as an adult but will also inspire the kids to be more productive with things and recycling items. Plus, your kid gets a place to relax and be close to nature.

10.Giant backyard Checkers
You can just make this according to the size of your backyard. It’s a family game and so much more fun if you’re willing to share or challenge your neighbors.

11.Bat splash
For this game you only require a plastic bat, a bucket and as many as balloons as you want to enjoy with. Not only kids, the whole family can enjoy this…It’s really fun
1.You need a bucket filled with water to the top
2.Then make water balloons and the fun begins.
3. One will try to pop the balloon in the bucket from a reasonable distance and other will try to stop the balloon from dropping inside the bucket..with his plastic bat.

12.Car wash
This activity will not only make your kid’s time go by, but will also help him them learn that his things and surrounding should be clean and this nature will help him in the near future. You can also engage yourself in this activity it can be quite relaxing and will help rejuvenate your mind.

13.Ice Bowling
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Ice Bowling - DIY Bowling Game for Kids (16)
This game will really do wonders for your kids…it will not only make you feel better watching your kid playing this game but you will also love to be a part of it.
1.Fill Balloons with water keep it in the freezer till it turns into ice.
2.Fill used old plastic bottles with water, u can also add color to the water so that bottles look colorful and the same can be done with the balloons.
3.Then the fun starts.

14.Enjoy Splashing with Slide
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Please leave your gizmos aside and forget splashing water on them to feel good. It’s playtime for your kid and they should be in the backyard. For this you just need a Tarp and create puddles and then let your kids enjoy the summer.

15.The Shower
This could be a nice change for you and your kids to take shower this summer in your backyard and it can be really joyful experience, this can truly only be experienced.

So I hope after going through all these different activities you will definitely try them out with your kids and be a part of it too.

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