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6-Yr-Old Injured While Shielding His 4-Yr-Old Sister So Captain America Sent Heartfelt Message.

The bond of a brother and sister is always special. They do fight but no matter what happens they are there for each other protecting, encouraging, and standing by each other. The seesaw of a sibling relationship is balanced by trust and love.

From the time Bridger Walker’s sister was born he shared a precious bond with her. He being the big brother protects his sister in whatever way possible.

Bridger Walker, 6, and his sister, 4, were at a friend’s home. The family had saved a young German Shepherd mix and when Walker and his sister followed their friend into the garden the dog came angrily towards the kids. Bridger faced the danger trying to protect his sister from the ferocious dog even if it meant sacrificing his life.

Before they could escape the dog latched on Bridger’s face. But still like a hero he kept protecting his sister. The dog’s owner felt terrible and called 911 quickly and applied first aid till the ambulance reached. They also handed over the dog to animal control.

Bridger had to go to the emergency room and a 2 hour operation that involved “pulling his face and scalp together” with more than 90 stitches.

The brave brother explained to his dad that he thought during the act if someone had to die it should be him. With God’s grace no one died. Bridger’s family have no anger or hatred toward the friend’s family. His dad said that they are thankful for the love and care the family provided in that situation.

The little hero expressed to his family that he had nothing bad against the dog that bit him. Bridger’s story of selfless act, bravery, and love has encouraged many.

On social media Nicole Walker, his aunt shared the dangerous story hoping to get some “words of encouragement from his favorite heroes.”

The family was touched by the response they received not only from thousands of folks but also by some celebrities.

The actor Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, sent Bridger a heart touching story and an official Captain America shield when heard the tale of the brave little brother protecting his sister. He expressed that Bridger is truly a hero and his sister is very lucky to have him as her big brother.

The actor further mentioned that his parents must be so proud of him. And encouraged him to continue to be the person he is since the world needs people like him.

Anna Hathaway too admired the brothers courageous act. She said she is not an Avenger but knows a superhero when she sees one and hopes she gets half the bravery as the little boy did.

Even Mark Ruffalo, who played the Hulk said that the most heroic and considerate people he knows are the ones who think of others first. He respects and admires the boy’s heart and bravery.

He further stated that true courage is not by bossing around like a tough guy or fighting against people, instead true courage is understanding what is right to do and still doing it even when you realize it may end up hurting you.

Besides being praised for the selfless act many came forward to help the family financially. The Walkers were stunned by the goodness but their family who were truly thankful believed there are numerous people with greater needs.

The family requested the folks if they wish they could make donations to organizations like Mission 22, Operation Underground Railroad or The Wounded Warrior Project. His dad has posted in his Instagram account about the entire incident that took place.

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