A Friend Heard Noises From Within The Walls Of Her Apartment. She & Her Cat Rescued These Kittens To Safety.

These kittens were born in the attic…wandered away from their mom and fell through the walls. The home owners had no idea about this but heard noises through their wall, after a day or two they decided to take a closer look with the help of their cat who narrowed the area where the noise was coming from and aimed at it using her paw. After closer inspection, to their surprise they found these poor helpless kittens who were stuck there and crying for their mommy.

Here’s phoebe, the cat, helping them look for the kitties.

Some wet food was put inside the hole to lure the scared kittens out. Here’s the first glimpse of one of them. At this point it was clear that there was no mother to take care of them.

With confirmation of scared, orphaned kittens, the hole was enlarged and the kittens were retrieved one by one.

There were two kittens and they were both hungry.

They were later taken to the vet for a checkup. 🙂
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