Cats Dressed As Their Owners Purr-fect Unison. I Love Stuff Like This

Do you think pets are anything like their owners, or do owners rub off on their pets? Artist Sebastian Magnani decided to put this idea through a quirky, illogical conclusion.
Using the power of photo editing, he’s taken portraits of people and changed their faces with those of their pets. The results are interesting to say the least.
They’re not all funny, in fact. Some are fascinating and cool. Maybe it’s the human propensity to see human faces in animal faces, but there’s an expressiveness in these retakes of portraits.
How good do you think it would look if your face was replaced with your pets’? Check out the gallery below.

download (1) Cat named Blue merged and his owner Miriam.

zzvasas Cat Salem with his owner Mariette- wearing the same helmet.

download (3) Cat Figaro and owner Elia

download (5)cat Paraya with owner Christoph

download (4) Ermano he is father Father of the photographer with his cat Jaguar.

sssssss A jewelled Pepi with owner Natalie.

download (6) Cat Uschi with owner Jan

download (7) Cat Mogli is blended perfectly with Josianne.

sssfsaadsasvdcd Cat Juna looks so perfect with owner Christian

csadsaadownload Cat Muah with her long haired Helen.

llaskssj Daniela with her ginger looking cat Micky.

kkakapka Antonia with his smart cat chino

download (2) Kathrin with her cat Shiva.

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