Adult baby who wears nappies says unusual community is about comfort not sex

28 years old Lucy from Philadelphia, USA says wearing diapers, and using a pacifier makes her feel good. She functions as a cyber security specialist and likes dressing as a baby when she is free from work.

She began to recognize that she was attracted to nappies as a 9-year-old after her baby sister was born. She said that she would steal them to wear herself since they made her feel good.

When Lucy was 13, she did some study and got to know that there was a community of people who sensed the same – the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover (ABDL) community.

Lucy has now hit back at trolls and explained that there’s nothing sexual about it and it is merely a part of her personality instead.

She said that she was about nine years old when she initially got these feelings and it was very puzzling. She added that she did not realise that mature babies existed up until she was a teen.  

She said that she tries to use the rest room like a usual being until it’s night time and attempt not to let it disturb her daily life, her relationships or her profession.

Lucy added that it is only her mother who knows about it, otherwise she has kept it private. She said that she has a decent profession and good at her work but deep down she still feels like a little child.

Her beau is tolerant of it and even reading her bedtime tales prior she goes to bed and that makes her feel truly relaxed.

She said that it is part of her nature and by posting about it on Instagram, she gets remarks from individuals saying that she is good looking. She added that she was uncertain about making content and sharing images but she gets loads of encouraging remarks and it makes her feel truly pretty.

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