Airport clerk sees girls are acting fishy and ends up saving them from a human trafficking ring

A very aware and suspicious American Airlines employee was able to save two young girls from human trafficking at Sacramento International Airport last year.

Denice Miracle became alarmed when the teen girls approached her with first-class tickets bought by a third-party with a fraudulent credit card. Her intuition kicked in and she contacted police.

Says Denice: “I had a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right.”

And her gut saved those girls. Denice and police soon discovered the girls were offered $2,000 by a man to fly to New York, where they would “model” and be featured in music videos. The girls only knew the man, named “Drey” from Instagram.

Police were sure this method was used to lure the young girls into a sex ring. Denice was praised by police for her quick action, and the girls were reunited with their parents.

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