Am I Jerk Asking My Friend To Pay For His Biological Daughters Tuitions.

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This all started 17 years ago when my friend and his girlfriend (now married) gave birth to my daughter Jasmine. They had a baby they didn’t want (unprotected sex no abortion) and gave it to me. I was friends with this guy for a couple of years and my wife was infertile, and was devastated we couldn’t have kids. So they gave us the baby and life was good until the pandemic hit. The pandemic hit hard for us and my wife lost her job. Thankfully, I got a better job and make enough money now to support needs and barely scrape by for my daughter’s tuition.

Now on the other hand, my friend and his wife are living on cruise ships. He makes a lot of money so much that he basically lives on cruises and owns a nice condo in Honolulu. They wanted to visit my daughter and during dinner (a fancy restaurant paid by them) offered to pay 20% of my daughter’s tuition. My daughter said why not more and they told her that she wasn’t their responsibility as they gave her to me and my wife. Dinner was very awkward after that and outside I called my friend an AH for not paying my daughter’s tuition. I said he makes very good money and he can afford to pay the tuition. He told me off and left and went back to his fancy condo might I add. While my daughter was in her room crying claiming she hates her father. So much that she blocked all contact with her biological parents and claimed she hates them and never wants to speak to them again.

I dont know how I will cover the 50 grand. (it’s basically half my salary over 2 years) So, Am I A Jerk? 

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