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Angry Mum Destroys Her Own Gender Reveal Party Because She Didn’t Want Another Girl.

Gender reveal parties can be a contentious issue at the best of times, with many expecting couples receiving criticism for their expensive ways of announcing their news, such as one pair who painted a waterfall blue.

Or, in other cases, it results in family members leaving since the infant isn’t what they expected.

And it looks like this mother had a similar response after storming out upon learning that she was expecting a daughter.

The TikTok video included a text overlay that said, “POV: When you destroy your own gender reveal because you didn’t want another girl.”

As soon as the gender of the baby is disclosed, the mother takes the sash from her body and departs the celebration, leaving her friends stunned.

The video also shows toppled tables and chairs, balloons on the floor, and what seem to be water bottles strewn over the ground.

In the background, one of the guests can be heard stating, “She’s really mad, I didn’t think she was for real.”

@aintyoukyb Yall I’m still in shock. #fyp #genderreveal #chicago #idkanymore ♬ original sound – aintyoukyb

The individual who posted the video captioned it, “Yall I’m still in shock.”

The video has now received over 100,000 views on the site, and individuals have had a lot to say about it on social media.

Many people thought her behavior was ‘disrespectful’ to her visitors, while others asked what type of mom she was.

“I can already tell what kind of mom she’ll be,” one spectator commented.

“I feel for that baby who is about to enter the world,” another Reddit user added. Hopefully, she has someone who will make her feel loved and desired.”

A third suggested the mother was not “mature enough” to be parenting a kid, while another stated she should be content with having a “healthy child.”

A fourth viewer said, “You better love that baby girl and take care of her.”

While others advocated for the abolition of gender reveal parties entirely, one individual said, “Imagine having a whole video on the internet about how your parents didn’t want you. Sheesh. Do better as parents.

“Stop with the dumb gender reveals and just enjoy what you get.”

Because of the craziness that has occurred during gender reveal parties, some have urged their prohibition; even the guy who popularized them has pleaded, “Stop it.”

After one celebration caused a massive wildfire in California in 2020, blogger Jenna Karvunidis, who’d hosted her own gender reveal party back in 2008, moved to Facebook to make a furious post in which she labeled the more lavish parties ‘stupid’.

“Oh my god, NO,” she wrote on September 7th. “The fire that forced the evacuation of parts of California is the result of a GENDER REVEAL PARTY.” Put a stop to it.

“Stop having these stupid parties. For the love of God, stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kid’s penis. No one cares but you.”

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