Australia Has A Friendly Non-Venomous Spider. You Won’t Believe It Until You Read This Story.

Who like spiders? Really, who does? Believe it or not, there are some people who would raise their hand. People who live in Australia.
Meet the huntsman spider. Rather than a pest, this creature is often seen as a boon, and even treated as a pet by some Australian households.
Huntsman spiders hunt smaller spiders and other insects. It actually has the body and speed to gallop, like a horse, or if you want, a cheetah going after his prey.
With humans, however, huntsman spiders are innocuous. They don’t grow any larger than your hand, they are not venomous to humans, heck, they even scare easily when humans come.
In other countries, some households keep frogs, toads, and lizards as pets, also to use them as living bug repellents. Would you like to make an arrangement like that with a pest predator? Or are you still terrified of spiders anyway?



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