Baby Fox Gets Its Cute Little Head Stuck In A Can. He Now Feels Safe Close To His Rescuer.

Today we have another video highlighting the dangers of wild animals getting involved with civilization. In this video, a wild baby fox, which could not possibly be more than a few months old, gets its head stuck in a can. As we’ve mentioned here before, it may seem comical to some degree, but this is no laughing matter. Not only will the animal feel discomfort and pain, but he is basically helpless, having been impaired in ways that would not allow him to protect himself. In the best case scenario, he could be stuck in it for days and go hungry.
That’s the best case scenario. That assumes nothing else comes along to find him. Without elaborating the point though, the animal is eventually freed, and shows his gratefulness to his rescuer. Still, the best thing for animals like him is to be allowed to go free to live out his days in his natural habitat – and hopefully, to breed to help retain healthy populations for the future.

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