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Candace Cameron Bure Says She Has PTSD From The 2 Yrs She Cohosted ‘The View’

Candace Cameron Bure has spoken out about her stint on ABC’s The View, and she doesn’t have many kind things to say about it. Candace co hosted the chat program in 2015 and 2016 for two seasons. While it appeared to be a dream job for the actress at the time, she shared her true feelings about it in 2021.

The actress even went so far as to declare that co-hosting the show was unpleasant for her in a number of ways. She stated on the podcast Behind the Scenes that just thinking about her time on the program caused her mental agony.

The tension and anxiety — she has a pit in her stomach right now, she explained. That show caused the only form of tension she’d ever experienced in her life. And she has PTSD, which she can feel. It was quite challenging, and managing the mental tension was extremely difficult.

Candace’s admission to having post-traumatic stress disorder is a significant message. It definitely offers a vivid image of how much stress being on the program brought her. If she is indeed suffering from the repercussions of her time on The View, it is astonishing that she made it through two seasons.

Candace’s words now appear to indicate that she did not wish to be a part of the show at all. She claims she faced “push” to take positions that represented conservatives. Furthermore, she didn’t particularly appreciate or care about the issues they were meant to be discussing in the first place.

It appears to have been a very serious fight. Candace stated that she was simply trying to comprehend and have a broad understanding of issues that she didn’t want to talk about or care about. Clearly, the work wasn’t a good fit for Candace, and her heart wasn’t in it. After all, one can only pretend to care about issues that have impacted the country and the globe for so long.

She was concerned about how she would be seen for her not-so-firm ideas, in addition to not caring about what she was talking about. She would get sick to her stomach when she felt like she was going into a program that she didn’t have a clear view on or it was something that she was truly frightened to talk about since she did have an opinion about it but she realized she was the only one at the table that had her perspective, she explained. She despised that sensation.

Candace stated that she frequently sobbed before appearing on the air. The emotional strain of traveling for work was also difficult. Her family lived in Los Angeles, and The View was filmed in New York, so she flew home every weekend. Overall, it appears that she was dissatisfied and exhausted.

Candace stated that one of the reasons the program was so difficult for her was because it wasn’t precisely what she expected. There has been discussion about the show being “lighter” and moving away from politics. But once Donald Trump was elected, that became incredibly difficult.

While Candace clearly did not like her time on the show, she claims she does not regret it. She even expressed gratitude for the event. But that wasn’t something she’d want to do again.

To put it simply, Candace will no longer be watching The View.

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