Couple married over 50 yrs die in each other’s arms after tornado hits their home – rest in peace.

Numerous stories have arisen as a result of the tornadoes that ripped across Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas. The dead toll remained at 74, including twelve kids, with more anticipated to be added as rescue personnel claw their way through the wreckage.

Billy and Judy Miller, a married couple of over five decades, were killed when a tornado struck their house in Kentucky.

According to rumors, the couple was married when Billy left for Vietnam. Serenity Miller, the couple’s granddaughter, described how Judy finally had the wedding she had always wanted on the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Despite the fact that they had been together for 50 years, Serenity stated their bond remained as strong as ever.

They formed incredibly strong relationships following the death of two of their kids, and she doesn’t think anybody could break that bond.

Serenity, who lived 15 miles from her grandparents, claimed that she had attempted to reach them early Saturday morning, after the storm had passed, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

Sadly, her grandparents’ house had been destroyed.

They died together, hanging on to one other, Serenity explained, describing how their bodies were discovered side by side.

Their bereaved family has apparently found consolation in the knowledge that the pair remained together till the end.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of everyone who died this weekend amid the tragic tornado outbreak.

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