Couple met as toddlers and have known each other for 82 years celebrate their 64th year of marriage.

Joel and Carolyn LaPray grew up next door and frequently played together. Because their parents were friends, it was customary for them to organize playdates for their children.

The pair met when they were both under two years old, Joel at 23 months and Carolyn at 14 months. They were good friends and even had a photograph of themselves taken in 1941 or 1942, just before the war, as they remember.

Both families left their home West Idaho when World War II broke out. They met again after it had finished and both families had relocated to Logan, Utah. But, unlike before, Joel and Carolyn did not become friends this time as they enjoyed playing with youngsters of the same gender.

They saw each other again during their sophomore year of high school! Carolyn agreed to join Joel to the military ball. Joel recalls thinking that he liked her; he thinks he is going to marry her someday..

Carolyn liked him as well, but Joel felt he was uninteresting. She eventually corroborated this, but only because Joel barely spoke to her all night.

The two reunited in a deeper way in their senior year of high school. They started dating while they were seniors in high school. And they fell in love with each other.

They both attended Utah State University, and by the end of their freshman year, they decided they desired to get married. And today is their 64th wedding anniversary!

Joel’s mother dug up a picture of them as children when she learned of their marriage. She had a buddy colorize the black and white photo. They were so taken with it that they used it to top their wedding cake. “Joel and Carolyn, their first date,” the caption stated. Carolyn was pleased to relate the story, adding that was also wonderful.

The couple has enjoyed parenting their six kids together. They have around 25 grandkids and perhaps 33 or 34 great-grandchildren. Joel has stated that he has ceased counting the number!

They claim that the key to a long and happy marriage is simple: Compromise. They both had different viewpoints, so they made a compromise and they did it her way.

Carolyn agreed with her husband and stated, “If mama’s happy, everybody’s happy,” to which they both agreed before Joel added, “If papa’s not pleased, nobody cares!”

They’ve both had a great time with one another.

We hope this cute couple will have many more years of happiness together. Share this article with your friends and family to show them what a healthy marriage looks like!

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