Customer Confronts Drive-Thru Employee Who Allegedly ‘Took A Photo’ Of Her Credit Card.

Trisha Ryan never imagined she’d catch a thief when she stopped for a short bite to eat on her lunch break at a Burger King in Hamilton, Ohio. But that’s precisely what occurred. She immediately realised that in a fast-food drive-thru, customers have far more to stress about than whether or not the personnel get our order properly. And it’s all because she paid close attention when driving through the drive-thru.

Trisha drove up to the window to pay after ordering her lunch. She gave the cashier her debit card and didn’t think much of it until she watched the man behind the counter pause. That’s when Trisha opted to pay closer attention and started scrutinising the staff. It’s also a good thing she did.

She watched him grab his phone, line it up, hover it over something on the counter, take a photo, then do some additional handwork, take another picture, and give her the receipt, Trisha remembered, and she wasn’t willing to let him get away with it. She remarked that she just saw him take a picture of her card. He denied and he kept arguing with her. 

Woman says she caught fast-food employee snapping picture of credit card

How much attention do you pay to fast-food workers after you give them your credit card? This story from Local 12 Tessa DiTirro may make you keep a closer eye on the drive-thru window:

Posted by LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trisha Ryan summoned the manager, who confiscated the employee’s phone. She dialled 911 after taking one glance at the gadget. She has  an employee who has been photographing people’s credit cards. She confiscated his phone since a customer saw him do it, and since he has more than one credit card on here, the restaurant’s general manager informed the 911 operator.

Trisha Ryan was relieved as she further saw other credit card photographs on the employee’s phone. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only crook operating behind a fast-food counter. Furthermore, some have more advanced methods of defrauding clients. According to authorities, some criminals have even utilized “skimmers” to steal credit card information from unwitting consumers at fast-food drive-thrus.

One such employee was caught on camera swiping a customer’s card twice, as shown in the video below. Once to cover the cost of the dinner. Another opportunity to grab their information. Worryingly, skimmers may be employed even when the perpetrator is not present. Some have been discovered at petrol stations. Fortunately, there are certain precautions we can take.

The greatest thing you can do to avoid being a victim of this type of theft is to pay with cash or a gift card. If you must use a card, use a credit card rather than a debit card since debit cards do not provide the same level of fraud protection as credit cards, according to Credit Card Insider. With debit cards, your own money is at stake, but with credit cards, the card issuer’s money is at stake.

Monitor your statements for fraudulent activity if you use a credit card. Most credit card issuers will give a refund and accept the loss if the transactions are notified quickly. Another incentive to use credit cards rather than debit cards. Refunds are more difficult to get in situations of debit card fraud, and the related delays may end in missed bills and undue pressure. However, preventing theft is always preferable, so pay attention. The woman in the video below did, and she challenged a Starbucks barista who not only took her data but also utilized her credit card.

When paying with a card, put your phone down and pay attention to the clerk, particularly at the drive-thrus. If you see anything strange, inform the management and the authorities, and cancel your card, like Trisha Ryan did. Look for gas stations with padlocks on their pumps to safeguard oneself at the pump, as most pump locks unlock with a universal key. If there isn’t one, utilise the pump closest to the attendant since skimmers like to target pumps that are hidden from view. Even though it takes more time, paying for petrol inside is also safer.

This employee was dismissed, and Hamilton Police are investigating the phone, but as of now, the former Burger King staff is not facing any charges. He’s probably not been prosecuted yet since snapping a photo isn’t a crime in and of itself. It only becomes illegal when real theft is done, therefore this individual is allowed to apply for another fast-food job until it is discovered if the cards were used or the information was sold. In other words, unethical personnel such as this one may be found anywhere, so be cautious.

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