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Danica McKellar Is ‘Experiencing Jesus’ After Candace Cameron Bure Invited Her To Church.

Danica McKellar, a Hallmark star and GAC Family actor, claims she’s back in church and finding “wonderful love, serenity, and purpose” as a result of an invite from fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure.

McKellar stated in an April 25 Instagram video that she “restarted coming to church” after Bure, an ardent Christian, invited her and handed her a Bible. McKellar smiled as she taped an 18-minute video on her spiritual journey, addressing fans’ queries and saying that the calm she is feeling is accessible to everybody.

She added in the video that it’s been extremely thrilling and fantastic, and it’s filled her heart with so much love. And it’s difficult to keep that type of thing in.

McKellar shot the footage after returning from a church service on Sunday. Bure and McKellar are two of the most well-known actresses that have defected from the Hallmark Channel to its competitor, GAC Media.

McKellar wrote, she is having a relationship with God and Jesus that she has never had before, and it feels incredible. And it all started one evening when she was grappling with the concept of forgiveness and DM’d her dear friend @candacecbure about a Bible chapter she had read on her insta stories, and then her friend sent her a Bible and welcomed her to church.

McKellar noted in her video that she is still learning about her beliefs. She remarked that her father discovered the Lord 30 years ago. She claimed she used to go to church with him on Easter, but she didn’t go very often.

McKellar stated that her prior perception of Christianity was primarily, sadly, the way it’s been mistreated in the world.

She explained she has been finding the pure element of and further stating that she is feeling “total joy and freedom. What makes it so great is that it is genuinely available to all. And the cost of entry is purely a matter of choice. It’s not even living one’s life flawlessly, because none of us will be able to do so. She is simply sharing her experience, which has lasted for about two weeks, in which she has been coming to church and discovering a lot of incredible love, serenity, and purpose.

McKellar stated that she is looking for a church closer to home because Bure’s church is too far away.

She expressed that what she has been experiencing over the last few weeks is the experience of discovering that love, joy, and freedom through her connection with the Lord. Her heart is filled with delight. And she always prefers to share it when she can as she thinks that all of us were intended in this world to feel and spread joy.

Indeed wonderful news!!! All glory goes to God.

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