Deaf Baby’s Reaction To His Mother’s Voice After Getting His First Hearing Aid Is Magical

At 7 weeks old, Lachlan does not know what it is like to hear. In fact, he has been hearing impaired since birth, and is at risk for actual lifelong deafness if he does not get to experience it early on.

Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, getting him a hearing aid is not a problem at all. Lachlan’s family thought it important to record his first moments wearing the aid, and they were right to do so.

The reaction in Lachlan’s face is unmistakable and priceless. You can literally catch the moment where the lightbulb glows in his head, and in place of pain and suffering, comes discovery, wonder, elucidation, realization, and so much joy.

Lachlan may have to live his whole life with hearing aids, or, if circumstances are favorable, may develop to normal hearing. Either way, he will never forget the day he first experienced sound.

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