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Deaf rescue puppy adopted by deaf man who teaches him sign language

31-year-old Nick Abbott of Maine needed a companion. So he adopted a puppy named Emerson through the foster-based rescue, NFR Maine. Now, Nick is not your ordinary kind of guy. He’s deaf. Emerson is also not your ordinary kind of dog. He is deaf as well.

The young dog, a black-lab mix, had suffered seizures and was infected with canine parvovirus, which is often the death knell for a dog. But, incredibly, he pulled through it. He was eventually put up for adoption.

Says Lindsay Powers of NFR Maine: “Once we got him home from the vet’s office from Florida, we realized he had hearing difficulties. He doesn’t let it bother him at all, though. He’s a typical puppy.”

She shared a Facebook post about Emerson, hoping to find him a good home. A short time later, she received an application from Nick, explaining that he, too, was deaf, and that he already felt as though he and Emerson had a good connection.

Adopted. Update 3/14: Emerson is still looking for his forever home 🙁 please keep sharing this sweet boy deserves…

Posted by Lindsay Powers on Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Within a day she processed that application. And it wasn’t long after that that Nick and Emerson met for the first time. Nick soon had himself a companion.

Said Nick’s mom, Richelle: “They were meant for each other. It’s amazing. Whenever they’re together, Emerson is always finding a way to lean on Nick.”

A short time after taking in Emerson, Nick did something a bit unusual. He started teaching Emerson sign language. In sign language, he has taught him to sit, lay down and to come. It’s as though the two certainly were made for each other.

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