Deceased Dad’s Gift To His 16 Yr Old Son On His Birthday.

Parents sometimes try be clever and sneaky when it comes to giving gifts and springing a surprise on their kids. It just adds to the whole experience for their kids when they find out that their parents actually do care, and here are 10 Best gifts from parents that made their kids cry.

1. A total rock fan, this 16 year old boy get’s a birthday gift he’ll never forget. Just days before his Dad passed away, Johnny’s dad bought him something really special, something which he’s always wanted – an electric guitar.

His sister takes him to the music shop, hands him a letter from his Dad which says how much he loves Johnny, and Happy Birthday my son. The store keeper opens up the box to his brand new guitar.

Johnny’s sister recorded the whole thing on her phone and uploaded the video on social media. The teenager was obviously left in tears at the store as he remembered his father.

And him receiving it. ��

Posted by Chandler Mae Crow on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

2. Boys best friend, loyal, compassionate and always there for you. 9 year old Tristen Perez lost his old friend, his beloved dog Aspen. His mom could not see him this way. He was completely broken and needed a friend.

And here comes Bailey to the rescue, a little adorable puppy is what Tristen’s mom got him for Christmas and the tears could not stop rolling down Tristen’s cheeks as he picks up Bailey for the first time.

Tristen, his 5 year old brother Tanner and mother Gretchen of Memphis, TN now have a new family member.

This is the most rewarding part of my job. This young boy lost his lab last August. The lab was 14 years old and they were best friends. He missed her terribly still and his parents surprised him today with a new best friend. Get your tissues, cuz this will definitely tug at your heart strings.

Posted by Mid South Puppies on Thursday, 14 December 2017

3. Oh yeah I remember the first day I played with my new Nintendo or Sega or for that matter even the older Atari games, life was good, was simple and as a kid we couldn’t dream of having anything else.

This boy’s birthday was made super special when his parents got him an xbox360 and a minecraft game.

As soon as he opened the box he started to cry and scream in utter joy.

4. Turning 12 is a big deal for a boy, he’s growing up fast, almost a teenager, is becoming athletic and strong and all he really wants is for you to atleast remember his birthday.

Braheim Fowler of Pennsyslvania thought his dad actually forgot his birthday. But then dad asks braheim to get a bag out from the trunk and the kid pulls out his brand new baseball bat, something he’d been asking for weeks.

The moment got captured on video as the boy cries in joy and hugs his father. Now the story continues with some more excitement, Braheim had a big game coming up and no doubt used his new bright green bat.

Out in centerfield was his dad filming the game when Braheim hit a big one, and out of sheer luck his dad with one hand on the camera and one free hand, caught the ball as Braheim enjoys running the plates all the way home.

5. 10 year old Emma Bennett is a special girl, she lives with a disability, a prosthetic leg. Her Mom and sister wanted to give her a surprise, one that she’d really cherish.

Emma cried tears of joy upon opening the gift of an American Girl doll that had been modified to have a pink prosthetic right leg.

“You got to be kidding me,” Emma said before tearfully hugging the doll. “It’s got a leg like me!” “Thank you for making a doll like me,” Emma said.

6. 37 year old Steve Bassoli from Connecticut uploads a video on the internet labeling it as his ‘greatest shame’. But is surprised by all the positive comments he gets.

The video is from 1988 when Steve’s dad gifts him and his younger brother a brand new Nintendo console with two iconic games Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Steve was only 7 years old at the time. Steve is seen crying in the video, out of joy that is, he then runs to his room and comes back with all the money he had been saving and offers it to his dad. Dad obviously says no.

The video has been viewed over 100 thousand times and the viewers have nothing but positive things to say, remembering their own 80’s experience, admiring the 80’s haircut and vintage furniture.

7. Ian Metcalf clearly told his 7 year old daughter Robyn that there are no pets allowed in this house and that he won’t ever get her a pet cat. Well all devious parents try to build up the excitement first by not telling the truth.

9 weeks later, Robyn Metcalf of Widnes, Cheshire is seen opening a box to find her pet cat Jinnie and then is further surprised when another cat is on the sofa with her, white one this time. Clearly overwhelmed, the little girl starts crying.

‘She kept asking me for a kitten but I always said no so she called me grumpy – I had to keep up the grumpy persona for nine weeks to keep it a secret from her. – says her loving Dad Ian Metcalf.

8. “This is to certify that Landon Ryan Rice will be formally adopted by Daniel Rice February 2017,” the framed certificate read. “It’s not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us father and son.”

Janelle Rice filmed the moment her 11 year old son Landon ripped off the wrapping paper and found a certificate telling him he was being adopted by his stepdad. He burst into tears.

On Sunday, Janelle shared the video to Facebook, where it has since been viewed more than 26 million times.

9. After losing his mom on the 4th of July, Antonio Vargas Jr was not expecting this on Christmas. His father had saved up several of his mom’s voice recordings and approached Build-A-Bear to use those recordings in a stuffed animal.

For Christmas, Antonio got a stuffed monkey, and all of his mom’s recordings saying I’ll love you my little monkey played when you touched the monkeys hands, feet and belly.

The boy was seen in the video clinching on the monkey and crying as he heard his mothers voice again. Vargas Senior found a great way to make Christmas magical for his son.

10. This little boy from Argentina could not be more gracious. A lovely sweet boy and a very understanding child, he knew that his parents weren’t doing too well and so was happy and grateful to receive anything for Christmas.

Even before he opened the wrapping paper, he said thank you for the gift, then slowly opened up the gift to see that it’s a cutting board, though unusual, he still said thank you and hugged and kissed his mom and dad and remarked that he’ll cut meat on it.

But then the real gift arrived, a shoe box this time, but what was inside made the boy tear up completely. His mother had been saving up and got him what he truly wanted, a tablet computer.

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