Dog won’t stop barking at biker until he follows & sees wriggling bundle on ground.

Animals are beautiful, caring and God’s wonderful creatures. They should be loved and cared for.

Junrell Fuentes Revilla of the Philippines was riding his motorcycle when he noticed the dog barking non-stop as if he was trying to tell something. Junrell decided to follow the dog who made his way to a dumpsite. He was taken aback when he took a closer look. There laid a newborn baby boy wrapped in a brown blanket.

The dog’s distressed barking made sense since he was trying to save the baby. The biker held the baby in his arms and quickly went to the police department. The Department of Social Welfare took over and a medical assessment confirmed the child was fine.

There was wide support for the heroic dog who saved the baby. Many wanted to adopt him and give him a home as a reward. However, when the local rescue organisation Hope For Strays went in search for the pup they realised he already has a caring home.

HERO DOG FOUND! 🐾 This amazing dog helped save a baby boy’s life on Christmas Eve by repeatedly barking to catch the…

Posted by Hope for Strays on Monday, 28 December 2020

Blacky was his name and is loved very much by his family. Blacky’s owner Kuya Lyndon expressed that life may be hard for them even if they are not doing well he makes sure all of their dogs (10 dogs) are fed and taken good care.

Hope For Stray teamed with another local organisation Pawssion Project and with the community’s help showered Blacky’s family with groceries, pet supplies and other toys and goodies.

HERO DOG ‘BLACKY’ & FAMILY: REWARDED! Yesterday, we first found hero dog’s location and confirmed that he is not a…

Posted by Hope for Strays on Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Thanks to Blacky a little baby was saved. It’s a beautiful reminder that not all God’s angels are in human form sometimes they can be in fur, four legged and with a tail.

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