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Duncan Was Born With No Rear Legs. Everything That He Does He’s Had To Learn The Hard Way.

Can you relate to being different? No, everyone think they can relate, but what I mean is being really, really different. Duncan was born without two rear legs, and is still growing and making his way around the world. They started him out with some training wheels, but Duncan indicated unease with them so they let them go. Eventually, it would become clear that they did not need them at all.
Partly due to his unique physiognomy, and partly because he had good owners who trained him to adapt, Duncan learned to move like a flightless bird. He balances himself very much like one, and if not for how telltale his face is, he could pass for one while moving around.
Duncan has already learned to leverage his abilities, being able to move faster on his two legs than most dogs with all four. We think his owners will find he might turn out to be their best dog, all because he’s different.

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