Feisty Baby Fox Was Trapped In A Net. Man Takes Courage To Rescue Him & Narrates It Beautifully.

If there ever was an argument for wild animals to be kept away from homes, this is it. As you can see here, a baby fox got itself caught on a cricket net. The way it was caught, there was simply no way that it could get itself out on its own. The net’s holes and ropes were tied up around its face, and coupled with the panic and frenzied movements that it made, it was just going to get itself tied up deeper, and let the ropes hurt it harder.
Human intervention was needed, and as you see, with a pair of pliers, some well protected hands, and a lot of patience, the cub was safely disentangled, and it was able to get out and find its family to console it from the worst day in its young life.
If you ever run across a wild animal in your backyard, do what this family did for a quick, effective resolution. Go to the phone and call wildlife services.

Later, before he goes…we hope you noticed the baby fox gave a nod of thanks.

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