Florida mother prays for her son in a coma for 8 months until suddenly awakens.

Drew Kohn had a promising future ahead of him, and no one could have predicted that his life would be irreparably altered only days before his 23rd birthday.

Drew’s father, David Kohn, was always aware of his son’s talent. It was clear from the time he was a newborn that he excelled on the sports field. Unfortunately, the young athletic man’s busy lifestyle came to a sudden and unforeseen halt.

Drew was on his way to the gym when his parents’ biggest dread became a reality. A terrible motorbike accident put him in critical condition, with next to no prospect of survival. When Ben and Casey Kambach saw what was happening, they hurried to aid Drew. Casey revealed that she simply sat down next to him and urged him to keep breathing and doing what he was doing, and he inhaled deeply. realized it was enough that he was breathing.

Drew was in a coma after the tragedy, yet his Florida mother, Yolanda Osborne Kohn, put her faith into action. She hoped for a miracle for almost 240 days.

Drew was in a hospital bed following the accident, which had left him with life-threatening wounds. He appeared like death, smelled like death, and behaved like death, his mother recounted.

Drew’s potential childhood was taken by the disaster, but his mother refused to quit. Yolanda prayed to God to recover her son every morning and evening, holding to her faith and hoping for the miracle.

Drew was ruled brain dead, but his mother remarked, all things are possible when God is in it. It wasn’t simple, and the family was continually reminded that even if Drew awoke, he would not be the same person he had been before.

Every single day was a fight, the mother said, it was ‘he’s not able to do this, he’s not ready, he’s not awake.’ This, however, did not deter her fervent prayers to God.

God responded to Yolanda’s prayers after eight months. The tearful mother revealed that her prayers are heard. That’s what she wants people to understand.

Against all chances, her son awoke from his coma, and she would be able to hear him talk and feel his hug once more. Drew couldn’t speak right away, but his awakening was the first of many miracles.

Drew was permitted to return home, where his mom cared for him on a regular basis. Her son gave her an unexpected response one day. She asked him how he was doing, perhaps assuming he wouldn’t respond like the previous days.

But her son’s reply and first words astounded her and other physicians. He stated “Mom, I’m okay. I love you, mom.”

The family had a modern-day miracle, and Yolanda said how hearing her son’s voice after nearly 250 days was crucial. She compared it to mothers hearing their baby’ first words. But, the struggle was far from done.

Drew had a long road to recovery ahead of him, but owing to modern technology, he could speak for himself. He approached his mother for a Bible and read Psalms 100 and 57.

His mother described the wonderful occasion. She was sobbing because he was crying. One can’t claim that his mind isn’t present. He not only requested that a specific passage be read to him, but it also stated, ‘the Lord is my refuge. Who will I run to? Who is my strong tower?'”

Drew was motivated to get on his feet and out of his wheelchair. He spent a significant amount of time in rehab and physical therapy, attempting to walk and battle through the agony.

His mom was thrilled with his development and eager to see how God will utilize her kid. She stated, he has a narrative to share, a testimony. As a result, he’s a walking testament.

Drew’s tale is unique, and his healing is a moving miracle. His mother’s prayers were answered, and we joined the family in celebrating his recovery. God bless him and keep him strong.

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