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Grandma Sharon Osbourne appears thin & with no-makeup – and everyone’s saying the same thing

She has, though, carved out her own career and ascended to become a significant person in the entertainment world in her own right throughout the years and decades.

Fans have grown to know and admire Sharon for her striking red hair and natural personality – it’s an understatement to say she’s immediately identifiable internationally.

That’s why, when she rocked a fresh style while spending time with her extended family, admirers had a lot to say. Osbourne appeared with her grandkids and daughter-in-law in a series of Instagram photos.

Although many people had wonderful things to say about Sharon, many others noticed on how different she appeared.

Sharon Osbourne’s look changes aren’t precisely what her devoted fans have become used to over the years.

Over the last two decades, The Osbournes star could be counted on to be spotted with her signature dark red hair and a full face of makeup.

Undoubtedly, her distinctive style aided her as she rose through the ranks of celebrity and emerged from the shadow of her renowned husband.

Sharon, on the other hand, chose to make a huge change in 2020, dyeing her red hair platinum blonde. Sharon has 100% white hair and she has been dyeing her hair once a week dark vivid red for the last 18 years, her colorist, Jack Martin, posted on Instagram at the time.

Yet, only a few months later, the 70-year-old changed her mind.

Sharon hasn’t changed her look much since then, but a series of images she shared to her Instagram page last week has surely had folks talking.

The TV personality and music manager’s hair had not been altered, but she seemed to be makeup-free, which prompted some to remark on how different she looked.

Others, predictably, rushed to Sharon’s defence, correctly stating that detractors should mind their own business.

Personally, I believe Sharon has the freedom to dress as she wants. In fact, I believe she looks better with a more natural approach.

What are your thoughts? Please share your ideas in the comments section.

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