Grandpa Was In Tears When The Family Did This For His Birthday.

Noel Stafford is colorblind, and it makes life a little rough, especially when it comes to things like stoplights, for instance. But as he quietly celebrated his 66th birthday in a chair outside his home, his family handed him a present to open.

It was a pair of special EnChroma glasses, that, when worn, would allow him to see the same colors that others can see. When he put the glasses on…. he immediately took them off, and started crying.

His family had put a whole bunch of colorful balloons on the ground in front of him. He could now see what he never could before… all the beautiful colors that his own eyes just could not see. And he was amazed.

The family then went inside the house and put on a very colorful animated movie, and Carson, with his new gift, could enjoy it in a very special way.

And just in case you have a loved one who is colorblind, and want to give them what Carson got on his birthday, the glasses can be found at Adult glasses are about $350, while glasses for children are around $270. 

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