Groom Disappears During Wedding Photo Shoot When Bride Sees Him Saving Child From Drowning.

When a wedding photographer is at a wedding, they typically only shoot the wedding and reception. It’s not too often they capture someone in the wedding party saving someone’s life.

Darren Hatt was taking photos of Clayton and Brittany Cook standing on a bridge after their wedding in Ontario, Canada.

Suddenly, a young boy playing in the water with a group of friends underneath the bridge started yelling in distress. Clayton jumped from the bridge and into the water, pulling the youngster out before any harm could come to him.

Says the photographer: ‘By the time the bride noticed and shouted out, Clayton had already jumped down and brought him to safety. His quick action saved the little guy who was struggling to swim. Well done sir!’

And Clayton’s bride loved that her new husband spotted the danger immediately and rescued the young boy.

Says Brittany: “That’s Clay to me. It’s something he would just instinctively do.”

As for Clayton? Well, it was all in a day’s work… getting married and saving someone’s life… typical everyday-kinda stuff like that.

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