Gunman Holding Up Butcher Shop Confronts Old Cowboy, Gets Instant Dose Of Karma.

The breath-taking CCTV tape from a Mexico butcher shop displays a young, armed burglar spurt into the shop flapping a firearm at the attendant at the counter. The burglar then notices Reynaldo Cárdenas, standing off to his side, pointing the gun straight at him.

This 60 second video turns out to be like an act from a film and the lead is played by Reynaldo Cárdenas. Reynaldo appears like an old man in the cowboy cap. When the burglar points his pistol at Reynaldo, the cowboy coolly takes off his eyeglasses.

The burglar is abstracted for a second by a lady customer coming up a passageway. As the burglar is fronting the lady, Reynaldo overpowers the thief from back till his pistol falls to the ground.

Reynaldo stays to grasp the burglar as he scuffles, waving till both of them lurch into a passageway. The burglar attempts to escape but Reynaldo clutches him while he’s trying to escape.

In the interim, two store employees rush to support, with one picking up the firearm. The burglar recurs on CCTV once more, without his shirt. Seemingly, in the middle of a brawl that was unseen, the burglar slipped free of his shirt.

Very much trying to escape, the burglar waves a long knife in an attempt to run away. Undiscouraged, Reynaldo pushes the burglar yet again whereas the two store employees also step in to take weapons from the robber. He attempts to make a break for the gate, but the cowboy and two staffs detain the burglar just before he exits and pin him down over a mound of metal shopping carriers.

The videotape ends with the three people detaining the burglar whereas a worker is seen calling for the cops. The butcher shop shared the video on its Facebook page.

Mexican ‘cowboy’ stops armed robbery

Cowboy comes to the rescue to stop an armed robbery. 🤠

Posted by BBC News on Wednesday, 25 April 2018

As per the reports, cops reached about 10 minutes after the fracas and took the burglar into custody. The video tape was shared on Reddit and several users were swift to admire Reynaldo Cárdenas. Fortunately, this would-be armed burglary was over by the good guys short of someone getting injured.

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