His Name Is Turbo & He Was Born With Just His Back Legs! Pic #4 Just Melted My Heart

Sometimes, sweet and heartfelt things happen when you do good deeds towards animals. Sometimes, cool things happen too. Turbo Roo is a Chihuahua puppy born without front legs. Not amputated or lost in an accident, he was born without them.
Now, we have featured a dog who learned to do very well for himself with only two back legs, but as a Chihuahua, Roo’s physiology made it impossible for him to do exactly the same. With smaller, shorter legs on a broad body, Roo simply can’t balance himself by standing upright, and he was really unable to get around well enough before. However, here is where human intervention , and technological innovation, come in.

#4 Thanks to having access to a 3D printer, Roo was outfitted with a cute, practical and pretty awesome four wheeled walker cart. It is practically a jacket ATV. The cart is both functional and beautiful, and you can tell, Roo could not be any happier.


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