Holly Madison Says Hugh Hefner Often Took Nonconsensual Nude Photos Of Her And Playmates

Holly Madison revealed in 2021 about the time she spent in the Playboy Mansion. Some of the facts that she is exposing is absolute awful. The Playboy bunny was on the Power: Hugh Hefner podcast, where she categorically publicized about her brainwashing into Hugh Hefner’s world.

The Playboy tycoon pass away in 2017 and since then, Holly has shared quite a lot about what her involvements with him. Now she’s labelling some of the experiences shocking, comprising the foremost night she ever spent with him.

Holly stated that she was actually worried and didn’t recognize what to assume, but that she certainly assumed she’d be able to vacate if she felt intolerable but eventually this was not the case as she further said that Hugh was exactly pushed on top of her.

She confesses she was rather unexperienced about what to assume. She said that she didn’t actually know what went on with them sexually. She added that she recognized there must be something and she was equipped for that but added that she wasn’t ready for what would ultimately transpire.

She, at no point anticipated that things will move that far as they did. She wasn’t certainly imagining to have sex activity that night and she thought that it would be just like a normal date, however noticeably it’s not like a typical date.

Eventually the pressure was too inordinate. Holly wind up feeling enforced into performing sex activity with Hugh, both mentally and bodily. And after it occurred, she was just ashamed and it had a lot of a sensitive influence on her more than she would have thought.

Holly says that by acquiring what she sought of getting to live in the mansion but it made her realise as if she was been govern.

Once Holly was in that living state, she saw quite a few actually worrying things. She indicates that Hugh Hefner had a sickening practice of taking nude images of the women on a one-use camera when they were extremely drunk, consequently they weren’t in a position to give permission. She said that Hugh then pass duplicates of the images out and put them in a scrapbook.

Holly added that she doesn’t know if Hugh just presumed that was fine as all these females want to be in the magazine so bad. She said that they must be fine with getting nude, so he is going to take images while they’re lost and just get those images out.

She said that’s the type of thing that can make us sense kind of trapped in a circumstance and it is one of such things that let you feel pushed to the wall.

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