How Duckling Learn To Fly For The First Time The Hard Way. Here’s Why We Need Our Forests.

Could you ever imagine how brave a duck is? We know, we know, when you think duck, the last adjective you use to describe one is brave. But you can definitely make that argument for this little motley crew right here.
From a nest placed high up on a tree, these little ducks show remarkable bravery leaping their way to the ground.
In fact, they flap their wings while doing so, as if expecting to master the art of flight early on, and of course, losing out to gravity.

Maybe it was maternal instinct, or maybe it’s mother nature doing its thing, but somehow, these ducks had an instinct within them that told them that it was OK to make that jump, that they were going to make it fine.
And maybe we should have expected it too, seeing the leaves that clearly helped break their fall. Sometimes, it pays off to be brave after all.

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