Husband Expecting A Gift From Pregnant Wife Got Shocked When She Showed This.

A man (35M) is facing a conflict with his wife (32F) over the name of their soon-to-be-born son. The wife wants to name their child after her grandfather, Bartholomew, but the husband finds the name outdated and ridiculous.

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I decided to make a new account because I’m currently being bashed by most of my family members on this and they follow me on my main Reddit account. So my (35M) wife (32F) is pregnant. She’s due in 2 weeks and I am beyond excited because this would be my first child and I’ve always wanted to be a dad.

Yesterday, we were in bed together, talking about our baby. All of a sudden she jumps up excited with a huge smile on her face. She told me to stay on the bed because she had a surprise for me. She went into our closet and grabbed a box. It was decorated with ribbons and bows so I assumed it was a gift for me. She handed it to me with the same big grin on her face. It was obvious she was excited to see my reaction. I asked her what it was but she just kept on saying “open it open it!” I opened it and inside was a blue onesie with the name “bartholomew” in cursive stitched on the middle.

Now, I had agreed that I’d let my wife name the baby since she was the one giving birth and I felt as if it would be something really special for her so I trusted she’d name my son something at least normal. I asked her what it meant and she said “surprise!! That’s going to be his name.” She sounded so happy and enthusiastic so I knew she was serious. I busted out laughing to the point of tears. I honestly could not believe she was going to name our son that. What the hell kind of name is “bartholomew”???? She got really silent and started tearing up.

When I noticed this, I sat up and stopped laughing. She snatched the box off me and stomped back to the closet. I asked her if she was serious and she said yes. Apparently she’s decided to name our son after her grandfather who she was very close with before he died. I told her that she should think about this because it’s an “outdated” name. She started yelling at me saying I was judging my son before he even came out of the womb.

She stormed out and is now staying with her moms. I honestly can’t believe she’s serious. Her dad called me yelling at me because apparently she’s told on me. I’ve been called immature and a joke so far. I’ll probably just apologize but there is no way in hell I’m calling my son by that outrageous name. I’m currently thinking of a nickname to call him, any ideas? Am I Overreacting ?

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