Husband’s Action In Front Of His Daughter Towards Wife Gets Him Into Trouble.

The story is about a man who is concerned about his wife’s behavior as she constantly acts like a child around their daughter. After she asked him to make her a mini pizza and referred to herself as a princess, he refused to play along, causing an awkward moment for his wife and daughter.

Source: Reddit

For the past several months, she has been eerily acting like a child. I understand that she’s playing with our daughter, but it comes across as weird to me to the degree that she plays the role. Our daughter wanted a mini pizza and so she asked me to make her one. I was, and then my wife said to me too because I’m a princess too. I told her no, you’re an adult not a princess. I’ll make you one, but you’re an adult.

She laughed nervously and said ok, never mind. Our daughter heard and said “dad mom is a princess too.” I just said hmm hmm, agreeing; but I didn’t want to have to explain to her. I did feel bad because my wife changed out of her princess clothes too, but I don’t know whether this whole ordeal makes me an a**hole.

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