“I’m not allowed to hug my little sister because her father hates me”

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I(18m) have a half sister(7f) and her father absolutely hates me. He doesn’t trust me to be alone with her at all and he always gets mad whenever I give her a hug or do anything that an older brother would do with his sister. For her birthday I got her a doll set which he found and burned and yelled at me since I’m her only half brother I have no right to even speak to her.

Yesterday I gave my sister a hug after I got home from work and he absolutely flipped out and said that if I even spoke to her again he would kick me out and ban me from ever seeing her again. I care about my little sister very much and my mom usually stands up for me whenever she’s around to witness his behavior but she isn’t here most of the time and my step dad pisses me off so much. I’m saving up money to move out but until I’m able to I’ll have to deal with him. Are there any good ways of doing this that don’t involve knocking his teeth out?

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