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In a sweet sequence of family spending the summer together, Bruce Willis kisses his wife and dances with his daughter | “It Was Magic”

Following the actor’s aphasia diagnosis, Bruce Willis’ family reunited during a delightful summer. Emma Heming, the Die Hard actor’s wife, posted a video montage on Instagram on Sunday. The video was paired to Maren Morris’ Bones, a 2019 breakthrough song, and featured the family’s summer experiences.

Willis, 67, is seen in the video spending time with his daughters Evelyn Penn, 8, and Mabel Ray, 10, and making them both laugh with his dancing routines. He also provides piggyback rides. Willis, who can be seen watching Stranger Things with his kids on the couch, can also be seen taking his family on a peaceful nature stroll in their backyard forest. “We don’t believe in perfection over here but #oursummer2022 was pretty close to it. In fact, it was magic ☀️🥰,” the post was described by Heming, 44.

After being diagnosed with aphasia, the Sixth Sense star declared his retirement from acting in March. In August, on National Grief Awareness Day, Heming posted a video on Instagram depicting the family’s summer activities following his diagnosis. This was the summer of self-discovery – discovering new activities, pushing herself outside of her comfort zone, and remaining active, she said in the post. Her sadness sometimes paralyzes her, however she is learning to live with it. Grief, as her stepdaughter @scoutlaruewillis put it, is the deepest and purest kind of love. She hopes one finds some solace in it as well.

Willis stated earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with aphasia, a disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate, and that he would be taking a break from acting to focus on his health.

Willis has made a number of social media appearances since his illness became public, much to the delight of his fans. Heming captioned a video she shared in May of the action star and his friends playing basketball, “I see you BeeDub.” One month later, she paid tribute to her husband of 13 years by posting a vintage video of Willis performing with The Temptations on Instagram.

The message stated that don’t allow fear to stop one, is her philosophy. Why? Because she is continuously paralyzed by dread. Fear has never stopped her spouse, which is another reason she fell for him.

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