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Jane Fonda Reveals She Was ‘In Love’ With Longtime Co-Star Robert Redford: ‘He Did Not Like To Kiss’

Jane Fonda is opening up about her emotions toward long time collaborator Robert Redford.

On May 26, during the Rendezvous with Jane Fonda event at the Cannes Film Festival, the 85-year-old disclosed information about her off-screen adventures with the now-86-year-old.

Fonda said that she was “in love” with her former co-stars in “Barefoot in the Park” and “The Electric Horseman.”

Having said that, the actress said that Redford was not a fan of hugging on-screen and did not maintain a cheerful mood while working with her.

Fonda said that he did not like to kiss. She never told him anything about it. And he’s constantly in a terrible mood, which she always blames on herself.

But the two-time Oscar winner offered Redford some atonement, saying he’s “a very good person.” He simply doesn’t like women.

Fonda said her more recent experience on set with him, notably shooting “Our Souls at Night,” which was published in 2017, gave her an epiphany about aging.

She was around 80 years old, or something like that. And she realized she had matured. She understood it wasn’t her fault when he would arrive on set three hours late and in a bad mood.

Regardless of the criticism, Fonda said that she and Redford “always had a good time.”

However, the “All the President’s Men” actor was not the only co-star Fonda had feelings for.

During the production of her 2023 film “80 for Brady,” Fonda recounted meeting “gorgeous” NFL great Tom Brady for the first time in her trailer.

Tom Brady, she thinks he went into every one of our trailers individually, Fonda said. And when he finally walked into his trailer, her knees buckled. She needed to hang on to something. She mean, he’s simply stunning.

Fonda commented on the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback’s on-set visit, calling Brady “so generous” for giving them lunch.

It was the first time he went to each of their trailers, which were their dressing rooms, and he introduced himself as though they didn’t know who he was, Fonda said. However, once again, a true gentleman. He was generous. And since her nephew is a great football lover, she had one of those giant football sweaters waiting for him, and he was extremely kind. And [Brady] wrote on it for him, and her nephew now has it framed on the wall. [Brady] just has excellent manners.

Fonda played one of four best friends whose passion for Brady leads them to the 1951 Super Bowl in Houston, Texas, when the New England Patriots faced the Atlanta Falcons. She co-starred with Rita Moreno, Sally Field, and Lily Tomlin.

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