Kitten Crawled Into Suspension Spring In Car. Car Drove 50 miles! Kitten Survives The Ordeal. 

Have you ever found your cat found in the strangest places? We bet it won’t get any stranger than this.
A kitten was found stuck under the suspension spring of a Toyota Prado. This, after the car traveled over 50 miles non-stop! Amazingly enough, the kitten stayed unharmed.

Even more amazing was that the kitten would eventually get out of it unscathed. These group of huge, burly Russians took care taking the spring out of the vehicle, and attentively got the kitten out without harming it at all. They eventually decided to keep the little hitchhiker. The munchkin now answers to the name Peaches.

Describing it is nothing like seeing it, so watch this amazing little rescue with the full video below.

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