This Amazing Machine Feeds Stray Dogs For Dumping Plastic Bottles To Recycle. Everyone WINS!

You know what they say about teaching a man to fish? What about the one about teaching a dog new tricks? Well, how about if we put them together.

Turkey based company Pugedon has come up with an amazing new vending machine that will exchange a plastic bottle for some food and water. Some dogs have already caught on and are literally keeping Turkey’s streets clean in exchange for some food. Stray animals are becoming a serious problem in Turkey, with as much as 150,000 stray dogs and cats roaming Istanbul alone. Many residents deal with feeding these pets, but some are not as enthused, pointing out they could be dangerous and help spread disease.

The Turkish government is working on a law to bring these animals to a wildlife park of sorts, but perhaps they won’t all have to go, if this project is any indication.

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