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Man Agrees To Help 91-Yr-Old With Flat Tire Only Afterward Girlfriend Tells Him He’s Gained Internet Fame.

If you could help a stranger in need… would you? We all need to make that decision at some point in our lives, and it can mean as much to us as it does that person who needs our help, and the acts of kindness are still alive and well.

When one of the clerks at the Tulsa, Oklahoma, convenience store asked if someone in there knew how to fix a flat tire, store employee Jared Stice responded. He didn’t know who needed his help to fix the flat… he just knew that he could offer his assistance to someone in need.

As it turns out, the person who needed that help was a 91-year-old man who was undergoing treatments for skin cancer. It was a really chilly February day there in Tulsa, but Jared was more than happy to help Arthur McAfee with his flat tire.

Once Jared had finished the job, Arthur offered to pay him for his kind deed. But Jared waved him off, saying he could not take any money from him. With that, both of them went their separate ways. But while Jared had been fixing Arthur’s tire, someone else had been watching in the background, quietly taking photos of the good deed. And it went on the internet, and it got noticed.

Later that evening, Jared’s girlfriend texted him and said a picture of him changing the tire was all over the internet. There were many comments on the photo from people praising Jared for his act of kindness, and it inspired many.

See the man standing? He is an elderly man. The van is his. It has a flat rear tire. See the guy wearing shorts…

Posted by Doug Huffman on Thursday, 31 January 2019

Arthur was unaware of the photo until someone at his church mentioned it to him. His sister, who lives in another state, also spotted the photo on the internet and told Arthur about it. It’s amazing how – every now and then – a simple act of kindness can affect so many.

Jared and Arthur were strangers until that chilly day in Tulsa. But with that picture making its rounds on the internet, Jared came to find out that he had already been friends on Facebook with one of Arthur’s grandsons. And with that, the world seemed a little smaller… and friendlier. 

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