Man asks if he’s wrong to tell GF that her lasagna is ‘ruining’ everyone’s flight.

When you board an airplane, you never know what to expect. Flying is difficult, particularly when accompanied by a loved other. When this man is undecided about his girlfriend’s lasagna, he wondered if he was right/wrong for warning his girlfriend she was causing other people’s flights to be canceled?

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My gf ordered lasagna in the airport terminal right before boarding, knowing we didn’t have time to eat it before we boarded. We boarded right after she received her food. After we sat down, before taking off, she opened it up and started eating.

I didn’t say anything at first, but then a flight attendant approached and said in an informative way (i.e., not overly positive or negative), “oh you’re the person eating lasagna. we can smell it throughout the whole plane”. And then she left us.

At that point I did lean over to my gf and suggested she not eat it on the plane because my interpretation of the flight attendant’s comment was a passive-aggressive way of telling my gf that everyone could smell her lasagna throughout the plane and that it would be best to put it away for the sake of others who might not appreciate the strong smell of her food.

GF put up a bit of a fuss and didn’t want to put it away at which point I told her it was likely ruining other people’s flight experience having to smell her food.

She didn’t take kindly to those words. Am I overreacting?

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