Man Backed Up For Demanding Gift From Parents If They Want Him On Christmas.

Parenting is not an easy task. Each parent has its own way of dealing with their children. However, parents must treat all of their children equally, without leaving any of them out. Read the article to find out why the son changed his mind about a Christmas gift and do you think he was right in his decision?

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My (19M) sister Bree (17) is a brat; my parents spoil her rotten and if she doesn’t immediately get her way she’ll throw a tantrum and my parents will always give in to whatever she asks for. I wouldn’t say she got in the way of me or our brother (23) getting anything, but it was always really obvious who got more.

My parents emailed me asking if I would be okay with doing a “low stress” Christmas this year, as in nobody would get gifts for anybody else, we would just spend time together. I was fine with this, since I don’t want anything anyway and it would make things less stressful like they said. I called them to let them know, and they immediately told me what to get Bree. I was confused, and said “I thought we weren’t doing gifts this year?” My mom said “Yeah but Bree is different, you know how she’ll get if she doesn’t get something. Besides, she’s still a baby.”

This made me mad. Not because I wanted gifts, but because it felt like Bree was getting to be the favorite again. I hung up and looked on the family Amazon account, and they have already gotten her a brand new tablet, a bunch of accessories for it, a name brand giant make-up case, and loads of smaller things. I called them back and told them that I won’t come home for Christmas unless I get a gift; it doesn’t have to even be a fraction of what they spent on Bree, it could be literally the smallest thing, I just want one gift. They told me I’m being childish and they thought they raised me better. I told them that was the deal and hung up.

I told my housemates that I might be staying here over the break, and when I explained why, they said I’m being immature and that my parents don’t owe me anything because I’m an adult now. I told them the gift isn’t the point, it’s that Bree is obviously being treated differently from me, but they said it’s because she still lives with them and is still a kid, and that I should grow up and stop being entitled. I think I’m justified, but now I wonder, Am I Wrong? What should I do?

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