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Mittens The Dog Found This Kitten Crying In The Barn. Her Following Move Stunned Her Owners.

What is the motherly instinct? What turns us into mothers? What goes on in the mind of a female that makes them want to be a mother? And what is that like for mothers that aren’t even human?

In a small ranch in Minnesota, a family found an abandoned kitten, possibly left behind by its original mother by accident, or a stray.
They brought the kitten home, where they likely hoped that it would get along with the family dog, Mittens. They definitely did not expect Mittens’ reaction.


Mittens is not just the kittens’ friend, but its foster mother. After a curious first impression, Mittens embraced going back into her old role eagerly, nursing and sharing sleeping quarters with the child.
The owners are not sure if Mittens think the kitten is a different type of dog, or is aware that it is a cat. Most likely, Mittens does not even care.

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