He Had Not Seen His Mom For 9 Months. This Kid Couldn’t Wait Any Longer.

We certainly hope this soldier was punished for breaking military protocol. The Waldvogels are a young, very military family, with father Adam out in the frontlines, and mother Kathryn helping in the transportation.

Their three year old son, Cooper, had not seen either of her parents for 19 months, so this was over one thirds of his life. He got to meet with his father first, but when he finally saw his mother again, he could not stand to wait.

While Kathryn was still in formation with her company, she and the other soldiers with her were supposed to wait to be formally dismissed before she could break formation. When Cooper saw his mom, however, he dashed towards her, and Kathryn, in turn, could not hold back her feelings either.

The tender embrace mother and son shared here was seen by thousands and people, but for one lonesome three year old boy, it may have just been him and the special woman in his life.

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