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New Bio Of Camilla, Queen Consort, Claims She’s Always Been ‘Suspicious’ Of Harry

Angela Levin, a royal author, has published a new biography of Camilla, Queen Consort. The book includes several previously unseen assertions, notably concerning Camilla’s relationships with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

For starters, Camilla has always been “distrustful” of her youngest stepson, according to the book. According to the book, “The Duchess was constantly apprehensive of Harry and could see him out of the corner of her eye, staring at her long and coldly. It was a little unsettling for her. They got along OK except for it.

Angela Levin also claims that Camilla attempted to contact Meghan Markle at first, even arranging up meals for the two. Camilla was said to see herself as a mentor to Meghan. According to a source, she doesn’t like to see anybody struggle, and she likes Meghan.

Meghan, on the other hand, appeared bored and desired to do things her own way, according to the book. Nonetheless, Angela writes that Camilla did not give up and tried again. Camilla is claimed to have asked Harry and Meghan to lunch at Highgrove, and she planned the dinner such that all of the recipes were from Meghan’s cookbook.

Lucia Santa Cruz, Camilla’s friend, also attended the lunch and told the author, Camilla went out of her way to make sure the lunch contained solely dishes from Meghan’s cookbook, including a very spicy salsa. It was a thoughtful act.

The author also spoke with a person who claimed Harry has been increasingly critical of his stepmother in recent months. According to the source, the treatment relives specific events as part of his rehabilitation process, and he may wish to criticize someone else for his own faults. His father and stepmother, as far as she can tell, have turned him against them. Meghan, according to reports, has also been unkind to her.

Camilla has been dragged down by the issues among Harry and the rest of the family, according to the insider. What has transpired and how [Prince Harry has acted has been quite traumatic for her, Angela writes. There have been a lot of broken sentiments all around, but like with any family, one has to accept it all and hope for the best.

Camilla and Charles appear to be unified in one major area: they need to go to the United States and make themselves seen and heard. According to the author, The Sussexes are more popular in America than in the United Kingdom, which might harm not only Charles and Camilla but the entire monarchy. The American issue must be addressed. The Cambridges must travel to the United States to demonstrate who the true stars are. The Queen Consort and King Charles will, too.

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