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Ozzy Osbourne Turns 74: He Cherishes Time with Grandkids and ‘Never Gave Up’ on 40-Year Marriage.

Ozzy Osbourne turned 74 on December 3, 2022, marking a significant milestone in his career. Aside from becoming older, the musician had a lot more to be happy about as his family grew.

The artist and his wife, Sharon Osbourne, have three adult kids: Aimee (39 in September), Kelly (37), and Jack (36).

Jack had already blessed his parents with four grandkids, and his sister, Kelly, is expecting another. Ozzy chuckled when questioned how he thought about being a grandfather saying that he also have 11 dogs, all of whom sleep on his bed. It’s crazy.

Getting to this age has not been simple for the renowned rock artist, who has had to battle different health issues throughout the years. But he was fortunate to have one friend who was constantly pulling for him.

Sharon claimed in September 2022, when discussing their long-standing marriage, that she and her husband were able to continue their love for so long since they “never gave up” on one another.

The former “The Talk” co-host said that she and Ozzy were not perfect. She claimed she gave her spouse as much as he gave her, and that they were destined to be together.

Sharon also said how individuals must accept that they cannot alter others. She said that most people felt that once their partners had been with them for a while, they would change and settle down, but it was unrealistic.

In such cases, the television celebrity advocated for acceptance. Ozzy went on to say that there would be disagreements in relationships and that the pair would fall out but would have to get back together and move on.

Considering the hurdles that many partnerships face, the Osbournes had to deal with the rock star’s health concerns. Ozzy had surgery in 2019 after collapsing in the middle of the night while going to the bathroom.

He felt messed up after the operation since it compounded the damage to his neck and back caused by an ATV accident 16 years ago. He’s undergone two additional surgeries since then, with the most recent scheduled for July 2022.

After his fall, the musician was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and admitted it had all been a nightmare. Ozzy now walks with a cane and suffers with his speech as a result of his condition.

Sharon’s husband has also been clean since 2013 and has had physical treatment, and rather than pushing them apart, his health challenges have brought them closer. The rock ‘n’ roll musician praised his wife and family for their support during the difficult times.

The couple’s biggest gift, though, are their grandkids. Jack and his ex-wife, Lisa Stelly, have three grandkids, Pearl, Andy, and Minnie, and Jack has a daughter, Maple, with his fiancée, Aree Gearhart. Kelly is expecting her first child with Sid Wilson of Slipknot.

Ozzy stated that it fascinates him to discover something new every time he sees his grandchildren, which he finds “adorable.” The proudest point in his life, though, was having a marriage that lasted.

Sharon’s husband recounted how he used to believe that sex meant love but later discovered that it wasn’t, adding that he believe one have just one true love in ones life. His wife and he are still in love. That is the most important thing.

Kelly previously honored her parents’ love story in an Instagram post for their 36th anniversary. She observed how her parents were still going strong with a photo of them during their wedding in July 1982, adding that she is grateful to them for demonstrating what true love is.

Aside from being a devoted husband and father to his spouse and kids, Ozzy aspires to be a grandfather. The actor made time for his son’s children, just as he did for Kelly’s.

Sharon and Ozzy became grandparents for the fourth time when Jack and Gearhart had their first kid together in July 2022. Little Maple enjoyed some time with her famous grandparents months later, in November 2022.

Sharon posted a photo of the Black Sabbath guitarist resting on a couch, smiling and holding his grandchild in his arms. In the photo, the three-month-old infant stared closely at Ozzy, demonstrating how close the couple was.

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