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PHOTOS: Elderly Man Kicked Out Of Bank Of America, Then Cop Takes Action.

A California police officer has touched the hearts of individuals all around the world following what he did for an elderly man who had been ejected from a local Bank of America.

Officer Robert Josett got a call from the bank regarding a 92-year-old man who was causing a commotion. After attempting to withdraw funds from his account, the elderly guy became angry. He had difficulty doing so since his ID had expired.

The bank was unable to process the elderly man’s withdrawal request because he lacked valid identification. He didn’t understand, though, why the teller refused to assist him. As a consequence, the old guy became agitated and started a fuss.

Officer Josett opted to do something unusual when he got on the scene and realized what was going on. The officer opted not to just accompany the elderly guy out of the bank. Rather, he assisted him in a manner that has since gone viral.

Officer Josett took things into his own hands rather than requesting the elderly guy to leave. He drove the guy to the DMV to receive a new ID, but his generosity didn’t end there. The officer then returned the elderly guy to the Bank of America facility so that he could withdraw his money as planned.

Following that, the Montebello Police Department shared a picture of Josett with the old guy on Facebook, which drew millions of views.

Earlier today, officers responded to the Bank of America in Montebello regarding a patron who was causing a disturbance….

Posted by Montebello Police Department on Friday, 22 September 2017

One user remarked on the police department’s Facebook page, “This Officer is a Saint!” “All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner. Good Job Officer!”

“Heart touching, and I love that quickly the officer was able to get him in and out of the DMV!” remarked another. “That alone is medal-worthy!”

“This is beautiful,” said another. “We need more stories like this to show the people that not all police officers are bad and that they go above and beyond their regular duties to help everyone.”

“We often hear only bad news about officers; we can’t judge everyone equally,” another added. “Thank you so much, Officer Robert Josett, for assisting this elderly man; it could have been my father or grandfather.” “God bless you….and thank you for your service.”

Anyone who has an older parent or grandparent may probably relate to the circumstance this old guy was in. At 92, you’re just not as bright as you once were, so something as simple as an outdated ID might throw you off, particularly when it prevents you from accessing your own money.

This elderly gentleman merely needed compassion and patience. Officer Josett demonstrated both and proved to be his guardian angel. The citizens of Montebello, California, are really fortunate to have such a kind cop guarding them.

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