Police Officer Gives Big Surprise To Young Theft Victims.

When someone steals from us, it hurts. When someone steals from our children, it hurts a lot more. In New Brunswick, Canada, two little girls, ages 2 and 4, loved riding their tricycles. Then, one day, someone stole them. The girls were extremely saddened by this, and their mom, Kristi, was angry.
Kristi Curtis
She then posted a big note on her window saying: “To whom(ever) stole my 2 girls’ trikes, Thanks for breaking their hearts.” It ended with the mom promising that “karma hurts.” Kristi then reported the stolen tricycles to police. Officer Anthony Leighton showed up and took statements, and, while doing so, he said, “It broke my heart to know these two little girls had to go through this situation.” When he went home after his shift, he spoke to his wife about the two little girls, and then they went out and bought them a new tricycle and a bicycle with training wheels. The next day, he arrived at the family’s home and surprised the girls with the bicycle and tricycle.
Kristi Curtis
They were thrilled. Mom Kristi was overwhelmed by the officers kind gesture, saying, “Him coming with two new bikes to surprise them… it just blew us away.
It was just absolute genuine kindness. We’ve never had anything like that done for us.” Gestures like this inspire all of us to be kinder. Please share this with others if it inspired you.

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