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How These Puppies Reacted To A Lullaby Is The Most Adorable Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Pets can bring out the tender side in the most unlikeliest of people. In this video, a middle-aged man shows he holds sway over a litter of puppies. Unabashedly, he sings a lullaby to the lot of them. As you can see, their yelping and barking starts to die out. The puppies visibly start falling to their crib and get to sleep.

The results are so astoundingly effective a woman offscreen (maybe his wife, or daughter) remarks that she would not have believed that he could do it if she had not seen it with her own eyes. As one of the puppies threatens to wake the litter up, he starts serenading it back to sleep.

You can laugh at him if you want, but most people do not have the kind of tenderness that someone needs to hold sway over any pet like that. Truly, beauty is in the eye – and ear – of the beholder.

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