‘SICKENING’ BEHAVIOR: 10-year-old boy arrested for alleged text threatening mass shooting

According to authorities, a 10-year-old fifth-grade Florida child was detained on Saturday and accused of making a written threat to commit a mass shooting.

The School Threat Enforcement Team was promptly contacted and started analytical research after the juvenile suspect, a pupil at Patriot Elementary School in Cape Coral, Florida, apparently texted the dangerous text.

Due to the child’s age, the case was assigned to the Youth Services Criminal Investigations Division. Detectives interrogated the youngster and found probable cause for his arrest before arresting him.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno stated that this student’s behavior is horrible, particularly in light of the recent tragedy in Uvalde, Texas. It is critical to ensure the safety of our kids. The schools will be law and order! His team didn’t waste a single second…NOT ONE SECOND, in investigating this threat.

Marceno added that presently is not the time to be a bit irresponsible. It’s not amusing. This kid made a bogus threat, and now he’s paying the price.

Marceno has spoken out strongly against would-be assassins on social media in the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in which 18-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos killed 19 students and two instructors.

Marceno remarked following the incident during a press conference., that one doesn’t deserve to shoot their children. If one brings lethal force into their county, they will murder whosever it is.

Law enforcement authorities in Uvalde are facing greater criticism over their reaction to a massacre that killed 19 children and two staff members, as concerns about how soon officers acted to the incident and neutralized the perpetrator continue to be raised. The Justice Department announced an inquiry into the situation on Sunday.

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