Soldier Goes On Leave To Meet Newborn Daughter, Walks In Hospital Room And Freezes In Place.

Jake and Chelsea discovered they were going to be parents. But with Jake’s Afghanistan deployment in the military, it wasn’t too hopeful at all that he was going to be present when his wife gave birth. And Chelsea herself had given up all hope of him being there and began to count on the support of her family and Jake’s sister.


Then, with Chelsea’s due date coming up, Jake’s commander – not even knowing about Jake’s wife’s condition – told him to pack his bags and go on leave. Well, you weren’t going to have to twist Jake’s arm on that one. He was off and running like a track star.

Jake actually missed the birth of his daughter while waiting on his flight back home, but he was able to walk in while Chelsea was still in the hospital and that little baby girl of his was as new as she could be.


Jake was so taken by his emotions when he walked in, that he could barely utter a word. After spending a little time with his little girl, Jake said, “Yeah, she will bring a grown man to his knees.” It was definitely a good time to be home.

Watch Jake stand speechless as he marvels at the beautiful bundle in his wife’s arms – just prepare to grab a tissue!

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