Stranger Was Dumbstruck When The Old Man Told Him About His Dead Wife At The Cemetery.

I never thought I’d see this today on my route. A little old man was walking down the highway looking for a phone to call for help so I pulled over asked if he was okay or not. He told me that he had wrecked his car. I told him to hop in and I would take him back to his car and we will call somebody. I asked the gentleman to hop in his car and see if we can get it unstuck so we don’t have to call anybody, needless to say, we got it unstuck.

I asked if he needed anything else before I go, he said no son you helped make my day even better. (While he was saying this he was starting to tear up.) I asked if he was okay? And he said, “Yes son I just came to see my wife.” I was looking around and realized he was pulling into the cemetery (I got a huge knot in my stomach.) I asked how long has it been? He looked up at me with a smile and said, “Fifteen years tomorrow.”

I asked how often he comes out to see her… he smiled and said, “Every Saturday morning.” He looked at me and said, “At first everyday but after a few years, I couldn’t make it out here like that anymore.” I said man that must be hard to miss someone for that long. He looked at me and reached up to put his hand on my shoulder and said, “If you ever love someone like I loved her then this is the smallest thing I could ever do to show everyone that I love her more than life itself.” He looked at me and said, “I never had eyes for another woman and I never will. God bless you for your help and the talk.”

I just looked at him and thanked him for the lesson. We shook hands and he opened his back door and got flowers for his wife out of the back seat and walked into the cemetery as I drove down the road.

I guess the gentleman was my sign from God (I have been praying for a sign to keep me going in my time of need.) The lesson is your love will never die for the one that is truly yours, just hold on and your love will reconnect somewhere in this life or the next.

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